Bloom Society Launch

Beginning Friday, May 13th I will start a "residency" at this amazing boutique called Serafina in San Marino! They carry so many gorgeous pieces and amazing gifts, I want to buy everything in the store, for real, check them out! This partnership is called Bloom Society. Bloom Society is a weekly bouquet pick up at the "pick-up hub" at Serafina. I will arrange hand-picked blooms once a week that you can purchase ahead of time and pick up at Serafina on Fridays from 11:30am - 5:30pm.

Serafina is located at: 2670 Mission St, San Marino, CA 91108

You can become a member here or find out more info here!

I am thrilled about this fun opportunity and can't wait to share pretty blooms with Bloom Society members.

xo, Nicole


Floral Fun: Spring "Watering Can" Arrangement

With Easter quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together a spring-inspired arrangement using a watering can as a vase. This would be super cute for an Easter table or for Spring in general. Here's what you need and how to put together your very own! SpringArrangement24

I wanted to make sure this arrangement had a mixture of fun textures, so I tried to choose blooms of varying shapes and sizes.

You Will Need:

  • pink heather
  • kale
  • lavender poms
  • pink tulips
  • boxwood greenery


You Will Need:

  • Watering Can
  • Floral Shears (Mine are a brand called Ohana, the absolute best!)
  • Clear Floral Tape
  • Scissors (gold handle optional :))


STEP 1: Fill the watering can with water, be careful not to fill it too high. Cut the clear floral tape into strips (it's best to do this as you go in my opinion, rather than cutting them all ahead of time) and place from one side of the watering can to the other, leaving space in between each piece (these should all be going in the same direction). Once you have finished, you will repeat this process going the opposite direction to create a grid across the opening of the watering can. This will help hold your stems in place while you are designing.




STEP 2: Begin placing your blooms and greenery between the tape. I started with kale, then began adding other flowers as I went. You can see step by step what I did below. Apologies for the photos where it may be hard to tell what was added! Hopefully this will be fairly easy to follow.






Here I turned the vase the opposite direction so that you could see the other side of the watering can while I was placing the blooms.




Greenery like the boxwood I added below gives the arrangement a more garden like feel!









Floral Fun: My First Wedding Flowers

I'm so excited to share a few shots of the flowers I did for a lovely bride's big day in August. It was my first time doing floral work for someone professionally, so I am extremely excited to share this with you!

Rosie's wedding colors were the perfect summer palette: Peach, Coral, and Yellow. It was so much fun to play with these hues and find combinations of flowers that I felt worked really well for the feel she wanted on the biggest day of her life.


For the bride's bouquet I used: Peach David Austin Garden Roses, Peach Roses, Coral Roses, Butter Yellow Roses, Yellow Ranunculus, White Lisianthus, and White Tulips with pretty pastel toned Dusty Miller for the greenery. I loved her bouquet and the light-hearted joy that it exuded.

Rosie & Kris 2015 Bruce K Manson-5947



For the bridesmaids bouquets, I decided to use: Butter Yellow Roses, Coral Roses, Peach Roses, Tuberose, Stock, White Lisianthus, Dusty Miller, and Seeded Eucalyptus. The bouquets looked really pretty against the yellow, coral, and peach colored bridesmaid dresses that each girl wore!


For the groom's boutineer, I decided to use: a Yellow Ranunculus, a leaf of Dusty Miller, and Seeded Eucalyptus. I didn't want the boutineer to come off as too girly, so I decided to keep it very green with a pop of yellow (the bride's favorite color). I finished this off with some floral wire instead of ribbon for a more masculine look as well.

I am so grateful that Rosie allowed me to do her flowers! It was such a great first experience and I look forward to hopefully doing more floral work for weddings/events in the future.

Weekend Project: Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Recently, my awesome brother-in-law and sister-in-law helped us put together the DREAMIEST gold hairpin leg coffee table! I had to share a few shots of it in it’s new home. :)  We made it in one day and I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out! These are the instructions that we used. I am truly so grateful for all Chris and Laura did to help make this possible. Thank you both so so much! PS: Shoutout to my sparkly gold antlers, I don't think I'll ever get over you ;) IMG_2117



Current Beauty Must-Haves

I have been watching a lot of beauty bloggers on YouTube lately which has re-ignited my love for make-up products! I want to share a few of my current must-haves.

BeautyBlenderThe Original BeautyBlender: I have always been wary of spending money on the official beautyblender, buying a few knock-offs here and there instead. But, let me tell you, I am so glad I finally decided to try out the real deal! It is amazing! There is something about the texture of this sponge that sets it apart from other blenders. It helps you get that flawless look quickly and evenly. Being a "use my finger to blend" girl in the past, this product has made me never want to go back. This blender won't leave unwanted hairs in your foundation like most makeup brushes and it doesn't soak up your foundation like a regular sponge. In my opinion, this product is worth the hype!

MACM.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer: Tons of beauty YouTubers talk about this product on a consistent basis, so I decided to try it out for myself. I love the creamy formula and high pigmented coverage this concealer provides! It goes on smooth and blends really well into my skin. One trick that I am loving with this product is getting a shade that is similar to your skin tone and then getting another that is a little lighter and mixing them. This really helps brighten up the under eye area!

TarteTarte Amazonian Clay Foundation: I really like this full coverage foundation! It has a smooth texture and blends really well with my beautyblender. It is not a runny foundation, which I personally like because I feel like it stays in place throughout the day. I also love the packaging of this product! It is not a glass bottle like so many other foundations so if (okay, WHEN) I drop it I don't have to worry about it breaking and sending my foundation all over the room. I am now on my second tube of this stuff and I'm loving it!

GrowLusciousRevlon Grow Luscious Mascara: This stuff, I love this stuff. I have been using this mascara for quite a while now and whenever I try something new I always come back to it. I love its' larger, fluffier brush applicator that allows me to sweep my lashes to the sky and leaves them looking full and voluminous. (I am personally not a fan of tiny silicone brushes, I feel like they clump my lashes together instead of separating them) Another awesome plus of this mascara is the growth formula within it that you apply to your lashes with each use. Each time you use this you are strengthening your lashes. This is an amazing drug store product that can definitely go head to head with a high end mascara in my opinion.

If you've never watched beauty bloggers, you should! It's awesome to hear their opinions on products, especially if you are considering something new and aren't sure if it's worth the money. A few of my current faves to watch are: KathleenLights, JaclynHill, and KandeeJohnson.

Kitchen Adventure: Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins

Donuts I found this great recipe through Pinterest that I decided to try out on my own. I altered the recipe slightly, but the original can be found here: These were a big hit with everyone who tried them and really easy to make! They are perfect for a brunch or breakfast, especially when you'll want a spread of various treats but don't want everything to be full-sized. These minis are ideal! This recipe will make about two dozen mini donut muffins, so be sure to adjust it for your own needs. Also, please note that there are two separate ingredient lists, the first is for the actual muffins themselves and the second little list is for the yummy cinnamon sugar coating that you will dip them in once they are done baking. Enjoy :)



DIY Watermelon Garland

Over the weekend, I saw the cutest watermelon banner kit at Paper Source, so I decided to make one for myself. This is what the original garland looks like. 4071295692

This little project is so simple and can totally be done while you're sitting at home watching TV :)

Here's what you'll need: Circular objects to trace (as you can see, mine are random things I found in the house), twine, green, cream/white, and red/pink colored paper, glue stick/adhesive, sharpie, pen or pencil to trace, and scissors.


Step 1: Trace your first circle. I started with the largest circle which will be the the outer layer of the watermelon. Trace as many circles as you'd like, keeping in mind the length that you want your garland to be in the end.IMG_1807


Step 2: Now you are ready to cut out your circles!IMG_1819

Steps 3-6: Continue this process for the other two circle sizes! Keep in mind that the the cream paper should be used with the medium sized circle and the red paper should be used with the smallest circle. :)IMG_1829




Step 7: Draw black polka dots on your red circles. These are the watermelon seeds! (If you prefer, this part can be done after you have traced and before you cut out the shapes.)IMG_1848


Step 8: Glue your circles together. Green will be on the bottom, followed by cream/white, and finally the red/pink circle! You should now have a cute little circular watermelon.IMG_1862


Step 9: Fold your completed circles in half and glue them together over the twine. This will create a darling watermelon half that is visible from either side of the garland when it is hung. IMG_1870

Step 10: Enjoy! This garland is so fun for summer BBQs and parties. I'm thinking of using this same process to make a lemon banner next!IMG_1899


My Favorite Things: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are certainly not a new invention, but lately I have been extra obsessed with them. I love the look they add to an outfit. They can be bold, feminine, and edgy all at the same time. I put together a few reasonably priced pieces to share. Of course there are tons of these necklaces out there, but sometimes finding an affordable one can be tough. Enjoy! StatementNecklaces

1. Pave Collar 2. Druzy 3. Gold Rhinestone 4. Turquoise 5. Multicolor 6. Chain 7. Red & Blue 8. Mint