DIY Boho Terracotta Pots

You may notice how similar these pots are to a post a did a little while back that was inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets! Yes, I am still OBSESSED with these textiles and bohemian glam in general. I also loved how my Easter eggs turned out so much so that I wanted to have this theme incorporated in my home all year round. What better way to do that than through something as simple as terracotta pots with succulents in them!? SucculentPot-12

Here's what you need:


  • Terracotta pots in appropriate sizes for your plants
  • Hot Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
  • Various Trims & Ribbons (I think it's best to have at least 4-5 different textures to choose from for your layers. You need creams, rather than bright whites for this project. I also love adding metallics into mine!)


Lay out a pattern to see the best combination of textures before you begin gluing.


You will want to hot glue in sections to keep your material as straight as possible while you cover the circumference of the pot. For example, make a dash of hot glue and place the material over it. Rotate the pot and add another dash of glue, etc. Repeat until you reach back to your starting point. Once there, trim any excess material.


Continue these steps for each layer, making sure to get them as close together as possible. It is supposed to appear to be one piece of fabric like an actual wedding blanket.



Voila! I chose not to cover my pots entirely, but you could easily use this method to create a full blown masterpiece of bohemian goodness.


Rather than bore you with photos of each of the steps again, above you can find the pattern I chose for my larger pot.


And here are my two completed pots!  I think my husband needs to watch out, I may end up hot gluing everything in our house to look like this. *Insert heart eye emoji here*

xo, Nicole



DIY Flower Crown

If you are heading to Coachella or just want a fun spring/summer accessory that you can make for yourself watch this video! There are different ways to make flower crowns, but this is a sturdy way to ensure your flowers won't be falling off when you're getting your dance on. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what you come up with! A huge thank you to the awesome ladies of Michelle Phan's ICON Network for allowing me to be a part of this fun project!

DIY Bohemian Glam Inspired Easter Eggs

This fun little project is inspired by my new found obsession for Moroccan wedding blankets thanks to the fabulous JL Designs! They are absolutely gorgeous, full of texture, and have an amazing bohemian glam look that I love. If you've never seen one check them out here and here. While I do like traditional Easter eggs with their cute pastel colors, I adore that these have a more sophisticated look. I used plastic dyeable eggs for these so that I can store them and use them for next year! Easter5

Here's what you need!


  • Plastic Dyeable Easter Eggs (These are a brand called "Celebrate It" from Hobby Lobby. Note that these are a matte texture and not the plastic eggs that you put candy in.)
  • Textured Fabric Trimmings in Cream and Metallic Gold (I chose mostly tassel like creams and sparkly golds. You can can also do silver or copper if you'd rather!)
  • Hot Glue Gun (+ Glue Sticks)
  • Scissors


Lay out your materials to plan out the pattern. Make sure to cut the trims so that they will fit around the different parts of the egg.


I placed some kraft paper on my table to protect it from the hot glue. I also kept a paper plate nearby to set the glue gun on in between layers. Feel free to start wherever you would like to on the egg. Leave a little room at the top and bottom if you plan to cover the entire egg. I found that it is easier to fill in those spaces at the end. Once you get your first trim on, you will see how quickly it goes and how easy it is to follow the line of the piece before. (see below) Be careful not to touch the hot glue with your fingers when pressing the trims down. The amazing thing about this glue is how quickly it dries, so luckily it's not hot for too long, but when it's hot, it's scorching!







If you want to cover the entire egg, you will eventually have to repeat the layers depending on how many different trims you started with. Feel free to switch up the pattern, that is the beauty of Moroccan wedding blankets, they are unique!




To finish off the egg on the top and bottom I recommend wrapping your trim in a spiral motion to cover the area.Easter7-2


And there you have it folks, a Moroccan wedding blanket Easter egg! Who knew!?


It's fun to do a variation of completely covered and partially covered eggs. You can see what I chose to do below. The most important rule to crafting these is that there are no rules!



Floral Fun: Spring "Watering Can" Arrangement

With Easter quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together a spring-inspired arrangement using a watering can as a vase. This would be super cute for an Easter table or for Spring in general. Here's what you need and how to put together your very own! SpringArrangement24

I wanted to make sure this arrangement had a mixture of fun textures, so I tried to choose blooms of varying shapes and sizes.

You Will Need:

  • pink heather
  • kale
  • lavender poms
  • pink tulips
  • boxwood greenery


You Will Need:

  • Watering Can
  • Floral Shears (Mine are a brand called Ohana, the absolute best!)
  • Clear Floral Tape
  • Scissors (gold handle optional :))


STEP 1: Fill the watering can with water, be careful not to fill it too high. Cut the clear floral tape into strips (it's best to do this as you go in my opinion, rather than cutting them all ahead of time) and place from one side of the watering can to the other, leaving space in between each piece (these should all be going in the same direction). Once you have finished, you will repeat this process going the opposite direction to create a grid across the opening of the watering can. This will help hold your stems in place while you are designing.




STEP 2: Begin placing your blooms and greenery between the tape. I started with kale, then began adding other flowers as I went. You can see step by step what I did below. Apologies for the photos where it may be hard to tell what was added! Hopefully this will be fairly easy to follow.






Here I turned the vase the opposite direction so that you could see the other side of the watering can while I was placing the blooms.




Greenery like the boxwood I added below gives the arrangement a more garden like feel!









DIY "Luck You" Banner

I have always found it so hard to find decor that isn't tacky or over the top for St. Patrick's Day. I love my decor simplistic with a little sparkle and that can be a tough combo to come by. Today, I want to share a little something I made for my home this holiday. It's easy to make and I love the end result! "LUCKY YOU" BANNER DIY

LuckyYou (1 of 1)Here's what you'll need to make this craft: cardstock, 1/8 inch hole punch (like the one you can get here), banner template (I bought the cardboard one seen above from Hobby Lobby, but you can also print one at home), MAMBI Letter Stickers (you can buy them through Amazon here, but you can also find these at Hobby Lobby as well), scissors, and twine. Also, not pictured, but probably good to have on hand would be a pen or pencil.

Step 1: Trace and cut your flag shape out of the card stock.LuckyYou2 (1 of 1)

Step 2: Once you have cut out enough flags for how many letters you will need, place the template on top of one of the flags, lining up all edges. You will then take your hole punch and punch right where the holes are on the template.LuckyYou3 (1 of 1)

Step 3: Your flags should look something like the photo below. Continue until all of your flags have holes.LuckyYou4 (1 of 1)

Step 4: It's now time to add your letter stickers to each flag. Do your best to center each letter on your flags. I use the peak between the two bottom points at the bottom as my guide.LuckyYou5 (1 of 1)

LuckyYou6 (1 of 1)

Step 5: It's now time to string your twine through your flags.LuckyYou7 (1 of 1)

Step 6: Your banner should start to look like this, continue on until all of the letters are on the same piece of twine. Don't worry too much about spacing them out until you are ready to cut the twine.LuckyYou8 (1 of 1)

Step 7: Before you are ready to cut your twine, space out your letters, making sure to have enough string on either side of your words to actually hang your banner.LuckyYou9 (1 of 1)

Step 8: Hang your banner in your home! Remember, you can always shift your letters to make sure your words are centered once your twine is secure. LuckyYou10 (1 of 1)

I hope this was helpful in giving you ideas for your own banner. You could use different types of paper to make one for other holidays/events as well! You could even use paper with a pattern like stripes or polka dots to make this a little more fun looking!

Enjoy :)


DIY 2-in-1 "Galentine's Day" Crafts

Today I'm going to share a quick 2-in-1 "Galentine's Day" craft that is perfect for a last minute soiree with your best girls this weekend. The great thing about these two is how easy they are and how affordable they are to make! shelf2

Below you will see all that you will need to create these two fun crafts! The paper mache hearts on the left are actually ONE box that I found at Hobby Lobby! They come in a variety of sizes, I chose one with a width of about 6 inches. I love that you get two things from one item! Hello, resourcefulness!



Materials: top of paper mache heart box, upper case white letter stickers, paint brush/sponge, acrylic paint (any color of your choice)

New (1 of 1)

Paint the top of the heart box with the acrylic paint (no need to paint the back side since it will probably not be seen by anyone, but you totally can if you'd like!) I painted a few coats since the paper mache is very absorbent.


Once the paint has dried (it cannot be wet at all for this next part!) Figure out what cute conversation heart phrase you'd like to use. I chose "Be Mine" for this one!


If you'd like, you can use a ruler to make sure your letters are centered. Then all you have to do is peel and stick! So easy! Put it on a bookshelf, use it as decor for your table, hang them from the ceiling, whatever your "heart" desires! (No pun intended :))



Materials: bottom of paper mache heart box, tissue paper, scissors, and clear glue

BeginCut a strip of tissue paper fold it in half and cut small slits along the bottom of it, creating a fringe effect (I folded mine in half so that my color would appear darker because the tissue paper is so thin)

CutPlace a line of clear glue at the bottom of the heart. You want to start at the bottom and work your way up.


Place your first piece of tissue paper on to the glue, don't worry if it's not perfectly straight! Prepare your next strip of tissue paper (I chose to do different colors) and repeat the same glue process as before, placing the clear glue just above where the first tissue paper ends. (You want the fringe to overlap in order to create the "pinata" look)


Follow the same process with your next strip of tissue paper, and so on and so forth.


When you get to the top, your heart might look something like this :) But if you are more precise with your measuring it may look a little more put together. Get ready to trim the excess paper so that you can get back to the heart shape that lies beneath all of these layers! I also added some non fringed paper to the sides of the heart to give it a more finished look.


When you are done "grooming" it, your heart will look like this! It's not perfect, but I actually love the charm of it.


Here's how I used these two little crafts to add a little cuteness to our mostly masculine apartment decor.