Halo Top Ice Cream Haul

Halo Top Haul Halo Top Haul-2

It's probably so weird to do a "haul" on a food item, but I recently discovered this healthy ice cream called Halo Top through a random ad on my Facebook! (it must know of my addiction!) So, like any good ice cream lover would, I decided to go on a quest to try all of the flavors! Sadly, I am missing two (Strawberry & Chocolate Mocha Chip) that I couldn't find even after going to several stores near me.

Right off the bat, I love their branding and packaging. It's modern with retro elements which is always a favorite of mine! Also, you can't beat a gold lid, can you!? Now, for the real reason I was originally drawn to this - it's low in calories and sugar, but high in protein! An entire pint of one of these is 240-280 calories! That is insane! That means, if I want to sit there and eat an entire pint while watching Game of Thrones - "Battle of the Bastards" again, I can! Craziness.

I must say that for healthy ice cream, these are actually pretty good! Especially compared to some of their competitors (I'm looking at you, Arctic Zero!) I, of course, have my favorites so let's take a closer look at each flavor now!

Halo Top Haul-4

Mint chip is definitely at the top of my list! It tastes pretty darn close to the real thing! Don't be fooled by it's adorable mint colored carton, this ice cream is actually cream colored with teeny-tiny pieces of chocolate. Super yummy on it's own but would be great with some crushed Thin Mints! (Just a few....)

Halo Top Haul-7

Birthday Cake is my husband's favorite! I do agree that it is one of the best. It tastes a lot like Funfetti or cake batter ice cream if you've ever had that from Cold Stone. I love the little sprinkles that are mixed in!

Halo Top Haul 1

You can't go wrong with Chocolate! I love putting some Oreo Thins with this (yes, we brought them back into the house after a short hiatus!) It's also really good by itself!

Halo Top Haul 1-2

This flavor isn't the most intense, I mean, it's Vanilla, so that's to be expected. This is a good one to have on hand if you feel like making yourself a diet root beer float or if you want to make an actual sundae with hot fudge. It definitely needs a little help on the flavor game, but it's not a lost cause.

Halo Top Haul-6

I must admit that this is the flavor that I'm most disappointed about. You can barely taste the lemon, which is sad, especially for summer! It's so faint that this actually ends up tasting kind of weird. I wouldn't buy this flavor again.

Halo Top Haul-8

Overall, I definitely enjoyed these and would buy some of them again! Halo Top isn't sold everywhere yet, so be sure to check here before heading to your local store! I'm still going to be on the lookout for the two missing flavors - I have high hopes for the Strawberry one!

xo, Nicole