DIY Bohemian Glam Inspired Easter Eggs

This fun little project is inspired by my new found obsession for Moroccan wedding blankets thanks to the fabulous JL Designs! They are absolutely gorgeous, full of texture, and have an amazing bohemian glam look that I love. If you've never seen one check them out here and here. While I do like traditional Easter eggs with their cute pastel colors, I adore that these have a more sophisticated look. I used plastic dyeable eggs for these so that I can store them and use them for next year! Easter5

Here's what you need!


  • Plastic Dyeable Easter Eggs (These are a brand called "Celebrate It" from Hobby Lobby. Note that these are a matte texture and not the plastic eggs that you put candy in.)
  • Textured Fabric Trimmings in Cream and Metallic Gold (I chose mostly tassel like creams and sparkly golds. You can can also do silver or copper if you'd rather!)
  • Hot Glue Gun (+ Glue Sticks)
  • Scissors


Lay out your materials to plan out the pattern. Make sure to cut the trims so that they will fit around the different parts of the egg.


I placed some kraft paper on my table to protect it from the hot glue. I also kept a paper plate nearby to set the glue gun on in between layers. Feel free to start wherever you would like to on the egg. Leave a little room at the top and bottom if you plan to cover the entire egg. I found that it is easier to fill in those spaces at the end. Once you get your first trim on, you will see how quickly it goes and how easy it is to follow the line of the piece before. (see below) Be careful not to touch the hot glue with your fingers when pressing the trims down. The amazing thing about this glue is how quickly it dries, so luckily it's not hot for too long, but when it's hot, it's scorching!







If you want to cover the entire egg, you will eventually have to repeat the layers depending on how many different trims you started with. Feel free to switch up the pattern, that is the beauty of Moroccan wedding blankets, they are unique!




To finish off the egg on the top and bottom I recommend wrapping your trim in a spiral motion to cover the area.Easter7-2


And there you have it folks, a Moroccan wedding blanket Easter egg! Who knew!?


It's fun to do a variation of completely covered and partially covered eggs. You can see what I chose to do below. The most important rule to crafting these is that there are no rules!