My Favorite Things: The Lettermate

I have always been fascinated by calligraphy and the art of hand-lettering! If you like to pretend you can hand-letter like I do, or even if you actually have a talent for it, you NEED a Lettermate! This little tool saved my life this year while I was addressing Christmas cards. Last year, I sat there with a ruler and had to draw each line, spacing them as I went, needless to say, it took FOREVER! When I found the Lettermate through Pinterest it was like a little beacon of light and I just had to have one. Here are a few pictures from their site that show you some of the fun things you can use it for! LetterMate8

This perfectly spaced stencil is ideal for creating sharp looking hand-lettering! If you don't want to write while holding the stencil down, you can lightly trace the lines of the stencil and then erase them when you are done.


This is one of my favorite looks you can achieve with the Lettermate. I love a cursive last name with a super cute simplistic font. I also adore placing the zip code on it's own line centered underneath everything else, seriously...I do it every single time. #sorrynotsorry



Little embellishments add that extra something special that lets your recipients know that you took the time to hand address their envelope. One of my current favorite things to do is a simple arrow beneath the zip code!



I also love adding words like "Deliver To:" or "For the One and Only:" I feel like a cute little phrase makes that piece of mail all the more fancy and who doesn't want to be fancy?


You can see videos of the Lettermate in action here! This tool is honestly such a great investment and I cannot recommend it enough! Hopefully, one day I will be even half as good as the lovely hands that created the examples I shared above! But, until then, I will keep trying out new ways to make my mail look extra special using this awesome little helper!

(I was certainly not asked by Lettermate to share about them, nor am I affiliated with them. I just really believe in their product! NOW GO BUY ONE!) :)