Floral Fun: Peachy Coral Dreams

Owens2015 (6 of 6) First of all, it is PEONY season, people! :) Just a tip for any of my fellow peony lovers...check to see if your local Trader Joe's has these beauties in stock and buy them while you can! They have the best pricing that I have seen thus far - $6.99 for five stems. The flower market typically sells this flower (yes, even when they are actually in season, which is May) for $16-$20 per five stems. This means you could get ten peonies at Trader Joe's for less than you would pay for one bunch at the flower mart! That is insanity.

This weekend I wanted to play with a peachy/coral look based off of the coral peonies I picked up this week. So, I headed to the flower market on the Saturday before Mother's Day (eek!) to pick out some blooms to go with my coral treasures. I do not recommend going to the flower mart on this day because everything is more expensive than usual and it is overly crowded. I still had a great time picking out my flowers for these arrangements, but I will never take my leisurely, not crowded strolls around the flower mart for granted again.

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For this centerpiece I used a combination of white hydrangea, peach spray roses, peach hypericum berries, and leather leaf greenery.

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This arrangement is a mixture of coral peonies, white hydrangea, peach hypercium berries, and leather leaf greenery.

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Of course, I had to add in one of my favorite decor items to these photos, my sparkly antlers!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Let's all be sure to appreciate the women who gave and continue to give us everything! xo