DIY Watermelon Garland

Over the weekend, I saw the cutest watermelon banner kit at Paper Source, so I decided to make one for myself. This is what the original garland looks like. 4071295692

This little project is so simple and can totally be done while you're sitting at home watching TV :)

Here's what you'll need: Circular objects to trace (as you can see, mine are random things I found in the house), twine, green, cream/white, and red/pink colored paper, glue stick/adhesive, sharpie, pen or pencil to trace, and scissors.


Step 1: Trace your first circle. I started with the largest circle which will be the the outer layer of the watermelon. Trace as many circles as you'd like, keeping in mind the length that you want your garland to be in the end.IMG_1807


Step 2: Now you are ready to cut out your circles!IMG_1819

Steps 3-6: Continue this process for the other two circle sizes! Keep in mind that the the cream paper should be used with the medium sized circle and the red paper should be used with the smallest circle. :)IMG_1829




Step 7: Draw black polka dots on your red circles. These are the watermelon seeds! (If you prefer, this part can be done after you have traced and before you cut out the shapes.)IMG_1848


Step 8: Glue your circles together. Green will be on the bottom, followed by cream/white, and finally the red/pink circle! You should now have a cute little circular watermelon.IMG_1862


Step 9: Fold your completed circles in half and glue them together over the twine. This will create a darling watermelon half that is visible from either side of the garland when it is hung. IMG_1870

Step 10: Enjoy! This garland is so fun for summer BBQs and parties. I'm thinking of using this same process to make a lemon banner next!IMG_1899