DIY 2-in-1 "Galentine's Day" Crafts

Today I'm going to share a quick 2-in-1 "Galentine's Day" craft that is perfect for a last minute soiree with your best girls this weekend. The great thing about these two is how easy they are and how affordable they are to make! shelf2

Below you will see all that you will need to create these two fun crafts! The paper mache hearts on the left are actually ONE box that I found at Hobby Lobby! They come in a variety of sizes, I chose one with a width of about 6 inches. I love that you get two things from one item! Hello, resourcefulness!



Materials: top of paper mache heart box, upper case white letter stickers, paint brush/sponge, acrylic paint (any color of your choice)

New (1 of 1)

Paint the top of the heart box with the acrylic paint (no need to paint the back side since it will probably not be seen by anyone, but you totally can if you'd like!) I painted a few coats since the paper mache is very absorbent.


Once the paint has dried (it cannot be wet at all for this next part!) Figure out what cute conversation heart phrase you'd like to use. I chose "Be Mine" for this one!


If you'd like, you can use a ruler to make sure your letters are centered. Then all you have to do is peel and stick! So easy! Put it on a bookshelf, use it as decor for your table, hang them from the ceiling, whatever your "heart" desires! (No pun intended :))



Materials: bottom of paper mache heart box, tissue paper, scissors, and clear glue

BeginCut a strip of tissue paper fold it in half and cut small slits along the bottom of it, creating a fringe effect (I folded mine in half so that my color would appear darker because the tissue paper is so thin)

CutPlace a line of clear glue at the bottom of the heart. You want to start at the bottom and work your way up.


Place your first piece of tissue paper on to the glue, don't worry if it's not perfectly straight! Prepare your next strip of tissue paper (I chose to do different colors) and repeat the same glue process as before, placing the clear glue just above where the first tissue paper ends. (You want the fringe to overlap in order to create the "pinata" look)


Follow the same process with your next strip of tissue paper, and so on and so forth.


When you get to the top, your heart might look something like this :) But if you are more precise with your measuring it may look a little more put together. Get ready to trim the excess paper so that you can get back to the heart shape that lies beneath all of these layers! I also added some non fringed paper to the sides of the heart to give it a more finished look.


When you are done "grooming" it, your heart will look like this! It's not perfect, but I actually love the charm of it.


Here's how I used these two little crafts to add a little cuteness to our mostly masculine apartment decor.